Darden Copeland

Managing Director , The Calvert Street Group

Darden H. Copeland is managing director of the Calvert Street Group, a public affairs consulting firm focused on state and local affairs, land use and development, and grassroots lobbying. Have a suggestion, question or case study for NIMBY Notes? Email the author at dcopeland@calvertstreetgroup.com

Posts by Darden Copeland

in NIMBY Notes Mar 17, 2014

Do As I Say, Not As I Do?

However, other industries also have to deal with NIMBY issues, and sometimes their challenges can be educational as well. That’s what’s been....More
in NIMBY Notes Jan 13, 2014

NIMBY Notes: Privatization Panic

Resistance to privatization is based on a range of real and perceived fears....More
in NIMBY Notes Dec 10, 2013

NIMBY Notes: The Camel's Nose

Beginning with a modest facility proposal can be the best way to gain community support....More
in NIMBY Notes Oct 22, 2013

NIMBY Notes: Reclaiming Reclamation

Freshkills Park may make it easier for landfill developers to address community skepticism....More
in NIMBY Notes Sep 12, 2013

NIMBY Notes: Start Small

Invest in mending minor problems up front to prevent big headaches later....More
in NIMBY Notes Aug 06, 2013

NIMBY Notes: Looking for Trouble

Seeking out ways to aid the communities you serve can pay dividends down the road....More
in NIMBY Notes Jun 14, 2013

NIMBY Notes: Not In Massachusetts’ Back Yard

Recent events in Massachusetts prove it’s wise to know your waste market....More
in NIMBY Notes May 06, 2013

NIMBY Notes: Unwelcome Oversight

Teamsters target a collection contract in Fresno, Calif....More
in NIMBY Notes Apr 15, 2013

NIMBY Notes: One Bad Apple

The actions of a criminally negligent Ohio transfer station operator tarnish us all....More
in NIMBY Notes Mar 26, 2013

NIMBY Notes: East Side Story

A NIMBY fight in Manhattan’s Upper East Side takes an unusual turn....More

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