Recycling in Atlanta has increased 23 percent since a residential recycling program began in the city in October.

The city reported in a news release that the program, called Cartlanta, has raised recycling tonnage collected to 1,403 tons, compared with 1,079 tons before the program started. Recycling rates in City Hall and other municipal buildings have increased sixfold.

“I am pleased that the city’s cart delivery schedule is on track and that city of Atlanta residents are responding enthusiastically to the program,” said Mayor Kasim Reed.

The city has a goal of diverting 90 percent of its recyclable materials from landfills.

When the program began, city residents generated 96,000 tons of waste annually, which costs the city $7 million annually to dispose of in landfills. Diverting recyclables from landfills generates $30 a ton in revenue for the city.

Atlanta’s recycling rate was about 12.5 percent, or 12,000 tons annually.