Just about everyone shops at Target. Now, the company wants everyone to have the opportunity to recycle at its stores as well.

In 2010, the Minneapolis-based retailer launched a comprehensive recycling program for shoppers. All Target stores now feature recycling stations where customers can bring old plastic and glass bottles, aluminum cans, small electronics and plastic shopping bags.

“Target has recycled for many years in the back room,” spokeswoman Jenna Reck says. “This program for the first time involves our guests. It’s just an extension of what we’ve done.”

The customer recycling program is but one component of the retailer’s waste reduction and sustainability efforts. Late last year, the retailer announced that it is aiming to reduce the percentage of its waste that it sends to landfills from 42 percent in 2009 to 34 percent by 2016. Target’s other sustainability goals for 2016 include reducing water usage by 10 percent, curtailing greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent, achieving Energy Star status from the Environmental Protection Agency for at least 75 percent of its buildings, improving the efficiency of transportation inbound to distribution centers by 15 percent and outbound transportation by 20 percent, and supporting the adoption of cleaner and more fuel-efficient transportation practices.