Recleim LLC plans to open its first U.S. electronic waste recycling facility in Graniteville, S.C.

The Atlanta-based company said in a news release that the facility will concentrate on the recycling of appliances, particularly refrigerators and cooling units. Recleim plans eventually to add capacity to recycle other e-waste, including computers, printers and accessories.

The company hopes to open the facility in the summer of 2014 and expects to employ more than 200.

According to a news release from the South Carolina governor’s office, Recleim will invest $40.6 million in the facility. The company is updating an existing 110,000-sq.-ft. building.

 “We are pleased to move forward with plans to open our new facility in Aiken County,” said Ben Hirokawa, Recleim CEO. “This is a big step for our company. South Carolina provides us with an excellent business environment and the skilled workforce we need for our operations.”