Tulsa Recycle and Transfer (TRT) of Tulsa, Okla., has opened that state’s first materials recovery facility (MRF). Tulsa mayor Dewey Bartlett presided over the opening and during the ceremony declared April 18th as Tulsa Recycle and Transfer Day in the city.

The automated MRF will initially bring 25 to 30 jobs to the area, according to a TRT press release, and may bring more once a second shift is added. The facility will offer public tours and comes complete with a new mascot, Mr. Murph, who will help educate schoolchildren about recycling and the MRF process.

“We’re very proud of our MRF and the hard work that went into its design and set up,” said Kenny Burkett, founder and owner of TRT, American Environmental Landfill and American Waste Control, in the press release. “The MRF is one of the most innovative machines created to tackle our growing waste problems. We know by recycling valuable materials and reusing them in the manufacturing process, we’re creating a cleaner environment for Tulsa for generations to come.”