The Waste Equipment and Technology Association (WASTEC) represents manufacturers, distributors, consultants and technology companies in the solid waste and recycling industry. WASTEC member companies design, build, distribute, service and consult on the equipment and technology systems used to collect, contain, transport, store, process, recycle, treat and dispose of the world’s solid and hazardous wastes and recyclable materials.

WASTEC members are businesses who are engaged in mobile collection and transportation equipment, container and lifting systems, waste processing and material recycling equipment, landfill and composting equipment, medical waste equipment, safety equipment, after-market equipment, and financial and consulting services for the solid waste and recycling industry.

WASTEC and the National Solid Wastes Management Association (NSWMA) are co-associations that make up the Environmental Industry Association (EIA). Together, they provide a forum for members to pursue shared interests and address common industry concerns.