Chaz Miller

State Programs Director

Chaz Miller is state programs director for the National Waste & Recycling Association, Washington, D.C.

Stop Recycling Stagnation 1
Only patience, realism and education will lead to recycling increases.
Profiles in Garbage: Plastic Film
Plastic film is a thin-gauge packaging medium used as a bag or a wrap. Examples include grocery sacks, trash bags, drycleaner bags and plastic wrap.
Profiles in Garbage: Aluminum Packaging
Scrap aluminum supplies 30 percent of America’s aluminum supply. Recycled aluminum cans supply a portion of the scrap used as a raw material.
Profiles in Garbage: MSW 2012
Chaz Miller looks inside the EPA's recent municipal solid waste generation study.
Profiles in Garbage: Polyethylene Terephthalate 
Half of all polyester carpet in the United States is made from recycled PET.
Profiles in Garbage: Glass Containers 
Almost 80 percent of glass containers produced in 2011 were beverage containers.
Profiles in Garbage: Food Waste  2
Food waste is the largest component of MSW.
Profiles in Garbage: Corrugated Boxes 
Online shopping has led to more corrugated boxes in the waste stream.
Profiles in Garbage: Latest EPA Data
The recession is over and population is up, but total and per capita waste generation are down.
Profiles in Garbage: Aseptic Boxes & Cartons
Aseptic boxes have proved a source reduction marvel since their 1981 introduction.
Profiles in Garbage: Electronics Products
Recovery of electronics products, while growing, faces numerous challenges.
Profiles in Garbage: Yard Waste
Composting rates have soared in the last two decades.
Profiles in Garbage: Corrugated Boxes 1
Corrugated boxes are the most recycled product by weight.
Profiles in Garbage: Polyethylene Terephthalate
In 2011, PET exports fell to 40 percent of the recycling market from more than half previously.
Profiles in Garbage: Lead-Acid Batteries
Laws in 39 states require retailers take back used batteries when a new one is purchased.

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